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Our Story

A refreshingly authentic financial experience.

For too long, there has been a preconceived notion of the type of person who works with a wealth management firm. We believe it’s time to make financial planning a place where everyone feels welcomed, heard, and valued. Your vision is too important to be kept in a box and your life’s potential deserves to be realized.

Kayaking on lake

Be you

At The Miura Group, we embrace the uniqueness of each individual and co-create a roadmap that is so specific to your journey that its fingerprint won’t match anyone else's. We avoid cookie-cutter jargon, and instead develop a vision for each client on how to attain something that is, at its core, simple: A fulfilling life.

Our doors — and minds — are open

For more than three decades we have helped people with complex relationships with money find the freedom and confidence to take ownership of their financial future. We are proud to be a place where everyone is welcome, you can feel comfortable being yourself, and do the work to tap into your true purpose and drivers for happiness.

Bringing your vision into focus

Like a complex puzzle, the beauty of what we accomplish for our clients is possible because of a highly-experienced team of passionate professionals who work collaboratively to craft plans that embody the concept that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Working with The Miura Group means having access to powerful tools to accomplish almost any goal, from protecting the people you love and care about to preparing for retirement and planning for generations to come.